Step 1:  ALWAYS do a patch test before using any product with essential oils. Before using either Luxurience or PainAway APR, take a small amount of whatever cream you are using and put it on the inner elbow.  Wait 15 minutes.  If the area becomes red, burns, causes irritation or swelling, DO NOT USE.  You may be allergic to the essential oils or one or more of the other ingredients.  If you have a reaction, wash area with soap and warm water. If you aren’t allergic, go to step 2.

Step 2:  Apply Luxurience Hand and Body Day Cream to all areas of dry skin.  Use
it throughout the day to protect hands from the heat and sun of summer and cold air of winter.  It is non-greasy and easily absorbed.  Won’t rub off on clothing. Luxurience Day Cream is a mix of water and oils.  Because it contains NO preservatives, it should be refrigerated to extend shelf life.  Wipe off any moisture that is on the inside of the lid.

It is best to apply Luxurience Hand and Body Night Cream just after your evening bath or shower.  Since it contains many oils it is a little thicker than the day cream and will absorb slowly.  It should keep your skin moisturized all night long.  Luxurience Night Cream is also a mix of oils and water and should be refrigerated.  Do NOT apply a lot.  It will spread out.  The motto “less is more” applies here.
If you have hard skin on your elbows or cracked, sometimes bleeding and painful skin on the heels of your feet, Luxurience for Day or Night Cream is awesome for those skin problems. Apply to your feet before bed and put socks on.  Within 1 – 3 days you will see how healing the Luxurience ingredients are.  You will see a noticeable difference in your skin.

Step 2:   Apply a SMALL amount of PainAway to painful area(s). You don’t need a lot. The motto, “less is more”, applies here too.  Massage gently, in a circular motion, for 1+ minutes.   You should only need to use it in the morning and / or at night. These essential oils are very potent.  DO NOT OVER USE.  ALWAYS wear rubber gloves. PainAway contains Capsaicin (cayenne).  It should not burn your skin but will burn eyes, nose, mouth and tongue.  Do NOT use PainAway as a full body massage.   The essential oils in it are very potent and may become toxic if overused.