PainAway APR All-around Pain Relief

PainAway APR (All-around Pain Relief) TRULY works.  Everyone that is using it raves about how it relieved their pain quickly.  Visit my testimonial
page to see what people are saying about PainAway.

PainAway contains NO chemicals, fillers, preservatives, artificial ingredients, dyes or additives.  Made with pure essential oils and other natural, pain-relieving and predominantly organic ingredients.  All ingredients are anti-inflammatory, analgesic and / or contain antioxidants plus so much more.
Because PainAway contains both liquids and oils and has NO preservatives, it should be refrigerated to extend shelf life.  It should last up to 6 months.  Wipe dry any moisture that builds up under the lid.

INGREDIENTS:   Definitions on bottom of page.

Frankincense Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory (4). Analgesic (2).
A Cox-2 inhibitor (9).  Antioxidant (6).  Anti-rheumatic.  Anti-arthritic.  Eases joint, tendon and muscle pain.  Mild sedative effect that numbs nerve endings and reduces tissue inflammation. Stimulates circulation.

Ginger Essential Oil  *(warning on bottom) powerful antioxidant  (6)
Antiinflammatory (4). Antispasmodic (7). Sedates nerve endings (13).  Analgesic (2).  Anti-arthritic.  Anti-rheumatic.    Stimulates circulation.  Excellent for back pain, joint pain and arthritis.

Helrichrysum Essential Oil is a powerful analgesic (2) (almost instant pain relief) . Anti-inflammatory (4). Antioxidant (6). Antispasmodic (7). Sedates nerve endings (13).  Cox-2 inhibitor (9).  Lessens arthritis pain. Relieves deep nerve pain. A diuretic which helps remove toxins from your body.

Lavender Essential Oil has the most anti-inflammatory (4) and analgesic (2) properties of all essential oils. Powerful antioxidants (6). Antimicrobial (5). Antispasmodic (7).  Relieves joint and muscle pain. Reduces swelling.  Improves blood circulation and flow of oxygen to joints.  Sedates nerve endings.  Works synergistically with other essential oils to improve THEIR effectiveness.

Peppermint Essential Oil **(warning on bottom) is a powerful anti-inflammatory (4) and analgesic (2). Antioxidant (6).  Anesthetic (3). Antimicrobial (5). Antispasmodic (7). Relaxes muscles in the lower back.  Stops muscle aches and pain and nerve pain.  Improves blood flow.

Black Pepper Essential Oil is anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic. Antioxidant (6).  Anti-inflammatory (4) and a natural analgesic (2).  Helps with circulation.


Cinnamon Essential Oil detoxifies the body.  Improves blood circulation.  Powerful anti-inflammatory (4) and antioxidant (6).  Analgesic (2).  Anti-arthritic.  Anti-rheumatic.  Eases muscle aches and pains.  Relieves stiffness in joint

Organic Camu camu powder contains the highest level of vitamin C in the world.  This is pure vitamin C not the synthetic kind.  It is anti-inflammatory (which reduces pain) and a powerful antioxidant.


Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant (6) and Anti-inflammatory (4). Reduces pain and promotes healing


Organic raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with “Mother” )  is
anti-inflammatory (4).  An antioxidant (6).  Highly alkaline (1). Contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium that help strengthen joints and reduce pain.  (The Mother” contains powerful healing compounds including acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics, healthy bacteria, proteins and raw enzymes.)

Organic Olive oil contains Oleocanthal (11). A Cox-1 and Cox-2 inhibitor (9).  A natural anti-inflammatory (4). Powerful antioxidants (6).  Contains vitamin E.

Organic Coconut oil
 is a muscle and joint lubricant and relaxer. Analgesic (2).  Anti-inflammatory (4). High in antioxidants (6). Increases blood supply to the painful area. Reduces pain, swelling and stiffness and increases joint flexibility.

Magnesium ***(warning on bottom) is called the “Homeopathic aspirin” due to its natural pain killing properties. Stops pain receptors in joints. Antispasmodic (7).  Anti-inflammatory (4).


Capsaicin (cayenne) is a natural analgesic (2), muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory (4). Antioxidant (6). Relieves pain by depleting Substance P (14).  It releases endorphins (10) that cause pain to stop. Helps relieve pain from arthritis and rheumatism.  Stimulates blood circulation.

with black pepper ****(warning on bottom) naturally lowers the enzymes in the body that cause inflammation. Antioxidant (6). Analgesic (2). Powerful anti-inflammatory (4). Antimicrobial (5). Reduces stiffness. (Non-GMO).    {Turmeric may
stain skin and clothing).

Fish oil is the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Contains vitamins A and D and calcium and magnesium. It increases the blood flow throughout the body.  Reduces joint pain, morning stiffness and swelling.  Anti-inflammatory (4).  Antioxidant (6).

Non GMO, Pure Emulsifying wax- (all natural. Vegetable based). Binds ingredients together.


ALWAYS REMEMBER–  ANYTHING you put ON your skin is absorbed INTO your bloodstream.  Going “all-natural” eliminates all the harsh chemicals and countless preservatives in store bought pain creams.

WARNING:   ALWAYS do a patch test before using any product with essential oils.
Apply a small amount of cream to the inner elbow.  Wait 15 minutes.  If the spot turns red, burns, causes irritation or swelling, do NOT use.  You may be allergic to the essential oils or one or more of the other ingredients.  Wash off with soap and warm water.

WARNINGS: (if you over use PainAway)
* Ginger essential oil may increase the effectiveness of blood thinning
Peppermint essential oil may increase your blood pressure.
*** Magnesium oil may interact with high blood pressure medications and some antibiotics.
**** Turmeric (Curcumin) may increase the effectiveness of blood-thinning medications.

1) Alkaline– having a pH (potential Hydrogen) greater than 7.
2) Analgesic– a painkiller. Tricks the brain into thinking there is no pain.
3) Anesthetic– sedates nerve endings which reduces pain.
4) Anti-inflammatory– reduces inflammation and swelling which reduces pain.
5) Antimicrobial– an agent that kills micro-organisms or inhibits their growth.
6) Antioxidants– kill free radicals that cause pain.
7) Antispasmodic– essential oils that suppress muscle spasms.
8) Cortisone-like effect- quickly eases pain and stops inflammation.
9) Cox-1 & Cox-2– enzymes that cause inflammation, swelling & pain in the body.
10) Endorphines– hormones in the brain that activate the peptides (amino acids)
which act as pain killers.
11) Oleocanthal– an aspirin-like pain reliever.
12) Polyphenols- powerful anti-inflammatories.
13) Sedative (sedates)- a mild tranquilizing effect that reduces discomfort.
14) Substance P– a compound that transmits pain impulses to the brain.
15) Tannins– pain relievers. Powerful anti-inflammatories (or polyphenols).