Testimonials for PainAway


Mr C- told me that he has severe, painful neuropathy in his feet.  He said that some mornings he can’t even put his feet on the floor because the pain is so bad.  Over the years he has been on pain pills, rubs and even concoctions his friends told him to use.
I gave him a sample of PainAway and told him to try it.  This is what he told me about a week later.  “It works!!!  It REALLY works!!  For the first time in years the pain is completely gone”.  He was so excited to finally be pain free.

Ms M- (wife of Mr C) told me she has muscle pain in both hips.  She has tried many different things for the pain and nothing has helped.  She tried PainAway and said the pain was gone.

Mr. L-  told me he pulled a muscle in his shoulder that morning and it hurt a lot to move his arm.  I told him about PainAway and he asked if he could use some.  After doing a spot test to check for allergies, he applied some PainAway.  He said that “within a half hour the pain was gone and was still gone the next day”.

Ms S-  (wife of Mr L above) used some of Mr. L’s PainAway on the skin surrounding an inflamed sore on her leg.  She said it removed the pain and also started healing the sore.

Ms. H-  saw that I wanted volunteers to try PainAway.  We met and I gave her a sample. I messaged her several days later to see if PainAway worked for her.  This is what she said.  “I can honestly say that it definitely did decrease my pain at the application site.  I let my daughter try some and she described the same decrease in pain sensation.  I’ve also noticed that it does have a long lasting effect.  I like it.”

Mr A-  has problems with his back. He used PainAway and said it worked great.  He would recommend it to everyone.

Mr M (from Texas)- has been suffering with a very painful arthritic knee.  Nothing he used got rid of the pain.  He applied PainAway and said that within 30 minutes the pain had ceased and was still gone the rest of the day.

Me, Jean Bostock.  I have severe arthritis in my lower back.  I also broke my hip and it didn’t set correctly.  Sometimes the pain in those areas can bring me to tears.  I apply some PainAway and in less than an hour the pain has gone from a 10+ to a 1.  I don’t need to apply it a second time.  My pain is usually gone for a week or more, but everyone’s pain tolerance is different.
I’m telling you the truth when I say “PainAway truly works”.

My hubby, Tom Bostock, has been using PainAway for several months now.  We were in a car accident 2 years ago where we were rear-ended. Because of this, he has severe pain in his back due to herniated and bulging discs.  When we go out and I don’t remember to apply PainAway to his back, he can only walk around for about 10 minutes before he has to sit down or go back to the car.  When I apply PainAway he can walk around for about an hour.  His pain goes from a 10+ to a tolerable 3.  I don’t know of anything that will completely decrease his pain from compressed discs but, since all ingredients in PainAway are analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it does help reduce the
pain in surrounding tissues of his discs.